Why Call Your Friends?

Happiness comes from close relationships.1 However, when life gets busy, it's easy to forget this and let meaningful friendships and relationships fade.

Higher Quality Friendships

Building real friendships requires intentional effort. Call Your Friends teaches you how to be a better friend by making connection a daily practice.

Discover Connection Magic

Be there for important moments, great conversations, and all the laughs. Amazing things start to happen when you connect with friends. See for yourself.

You need a system...

We all know how difficult it can be to stay in touch with all the people in our lives. We've tried all the options: social media, recurring calendar events, reminder apps. Call Your Friends is a simple system to stay truly connected.


Add your favorite people, including friends, family, business partners, or anyone else!


Call Your Friends organizes your connections and finds the person farthest out of your orbit.


Connect with one person at a time. You'll receive daily motivation and ideas for how to stay in touch via text messages. Simply reply to update your connections.

You're on your way to dramatically improving the quality of your life and relationships. Get started

People creating better friendships with Call Your Friends
love the results.

"Sometimes we just need an extra nudge -- a little reminder or a creative question -- to reach out to people we care about. Call Your Friends does just that. And it's changed my life in the process. I'm sure it'll do the same for you."

Calling friends for days

"For a new mom who's sleep deprived, having a friend tell me that she feels more connected to me because of this app means everything."

Calling friends for days

"It’s so nice to have a reminder for something truly important as opposed to more digital noise. I’m sick of busy being an excuse."

Calling friends for days

"Call Your Friends has made staying in touch with the people I care about SO much easier. As a full-time graduate student who also works 30+ hours per week, I am always busy. CYF has helped me be much more purposeful about connecting. Thinking about the people who are important in my life and making a plan to reach out every so often has not only strengthened my relationships but improved my mental health."

Calling friends for days

"I love that this app doesn't give up on you. Even if you can't reach out to someone the same moment or day when you get the Call Your Friends text, you're not out of luck. You get gentle text nudges you at well-timed intervals, which is key. I've tried making myself calendar appointments that serve this purpose, but those rarely end up working because I dismiss the reminders and then forget to reach out. For me, that's where Call Your Friends has a huge advantage. It's gotten me to reconnect with people that I otherwise wouldn't have, which I really appreciate. Highly recommend."

Calling friends for days

"Family and friends expressed their concern for my well-being and hurt for not staying in touch...Call Your Friends changed all that. I have family, friends, and even a few business and media contacts in there that I am encouraged to reach out to at different intervals I've set. I know it's working because the text and phone conversations are sometimes going on by the time the next reminder rolls around. I feel better and they feel loved."

Calling friends for days
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How will this change my life?

We believe that staying in touch with your friends and family might be the most important thing you do every day. We've developed a system that seamlessly fits into your daily life to keep you connected with the people you love and care about. Changed lives speak for themselves.

What if I get too busy?

If you can't reach out to someone today - or any other day - don’t worry about it. Keep your resolve and stick with it! Remind yourself why this is important. We'll continue reminding you until you get around to it. The idea is to make sure that you stay connected, not that you're perfect at it. Call Your Friends helps you keep track of who you would like to stay in touch with one at a time, so you never have to worry about forgetting someone.

What about how to remember birthdays?

We'll also send you text messages on your friends birthdays so you'll never forget again. If you can’t remember them in the first place, we'll give you some hints about how to find out your friends' birthdays.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes! If you're not happy with the service, then we will give you your money back up to 30 days after your purchase.