Friendship Habits

Do you ever wonder how to reach out and connect with someone in your life? I find this can be daunting if the person is someone you haven’t talked to in a while, but that’s just me.

Every friendship and relationship is unique. For that reason, how you reach out will be unique as well. For example, the best way to reach your mom might be to call on Saturdays, while your off-the-grid former roommate might only respond to handwritten letters.

While there's no formula, here's one pattern that works well:

  1. Send a message to find a time that you're both available.
    • "Hey, are you free this week to catch up?"
    • "It's been forever, when is a good time to connect?"
    • "Want to meet up soon?"
  1. Create an event in your calendar or organizer.
  2. Call or meet up!

Or start smaller:

  • "Hello!"
  • "Thinking about you, hope you’re well."
  • Schedule time on your own calendar to connect, if you can’t right at the moment.

As simple as this sounds, that's all it really takes.

Actually calling or meeting up can be part two – you’ve connected, now leave the door open for more. The important thing is that you do it. Reaching out can feel challenging, but all it takes is getting started. If all of humanity is like a brain, then these little connections are like synapses firing between each other. Over time, those patterns become pathways—and the connection is effortless. All it takes is that initial spark.