One at a Time

We talked about why it's important to regularly connect with your friends and family. Let's talk about strategy.

One of the primary reasons people lose touch is because life gets busy. Friendships and relationships are often, mistakenly, prioritized less than work, school, chores, obligations—the list goes on and on.

How can you develop a strategy that thrives despite all that?

One at a time. We designed Call Your Friends to always connect you with one person at a time. We believe that multitasking is a myth, and that you're more likely to be successful building connections if you have a system that actually works in the context of your real life.

P.S. If you're interested in a fantastic article about focusing on one thing at a time, we highly recommend what a lion tamer can teach you about how to focus by James Clear.

At your own pace. Can't reach out today because your dog chewed through your sprinkler system? That's fine, we'll continue reminding you until you get around to it. The idea is to make sure that you stay connected, not that you're perfect at it.